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undefinedIn recent years, many changes related in social, economic, science and technology and  has enjoyed many years  becoming exchanges of management, science and technological experience following freely travel between countries the individuals, information, industry and global investment due to formation of new countries, free economic trends and these and other factors. The world highlighted that XX century is the century of industrialization, so considered that in XXI century have been significant changes in the content of the principles and the advancement of human civilization and started new economy era based on knowledge, society based on science.  The approach of this century unfocused to the resource and capitals but creating new economical approaches based on knowledge to satisfy sustainable economic development and create and traded the knowledge.   The participation of human resource of Education and scientific organization is most important for such social and economic development.  “Association of Mongolian Young Scientists” NGO is the organization that consolidated under one roof hundreds of intellectual young researchers and scientists working in the science and studying local and foreign countries of a globalized society in every minute. AMYS is the organization under the purpose to consolidate views and actions of young people’s in science and high education sector, protect their rights, help to young researchers, students and scientists, support them to improve their knowledge and skills and to invest of knowledge in the development of science and technology field. Mongolian young scientists are set the theme Be innovative with a young scientists under the purpose to motivate the process the introduction of the production process of the scientific achievement and economize the science in the coming years. I believe that the Mongolian intellectual young people will bring new period to test their strength in the world intellectual market while introducing knowledge production to the great developments and developing the Mongolia by “Mongolian sense”. Welcome to Mongolian people to you on behalf of hundreds of Mongolian young scientists and researchers and wish health and peace.

Best regards,

Battogtokh Dorjgotov, (Ph.D) President of the Mongolian Young Scientist’s Association

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