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About MYSA

There are many organisations and associations for young people working in science field in Mongolia. Above all the Mongolian Young Scientists Association is one of the most active in various fields and has huge of numbers of members.

The Mongolian Young Scientists Association was established in 2004 with functions of:

  • integrating ideas and activity of over 800 young people who are well educated and bring their contribution to the science and technology development
  • mutual promotion for Mongolian young scientists and researchers who is working inland and abroad in scientific field
  • protecting their rights and interests
  • cooperating with national and international organisations and young scientists
  • improving supports to their education and enhancing their work situations

The Mongolian Young Scientists Association works closely with the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Mongolia, the Mongolian Academy of Science, the Fund for Mongolian Science and Technology and many other organisations and institutions. We have sub- committee at Mongolian scientific organisations and universities to implicate them to our activity.

As a part of our policy for promotion of young scientists and researchers we usually support to educate:

  • potential, skilled young people who can do research work in science and technological field and
  • highly educated, has a foreign language skills and
  • to create best conditions for doing research,
  • support their innovations and research works,
  • to give an advanced trainings,
  • promote to work abroad for a short time,
  • to cooperate with research work for developing their skills.

Our Association includes 7 sub-committees; their daily activity contains basic areas of science such as science, medicine, geology and geography, biology and agronomy, engineering and technology, social sciences, business and economy.

The Mongolian Young Scientists Association cooperate with governmental and nongovernmental institutions and implement projects concluded with the goals that brings the improvement of cooperation between young scientists and entrepreneurs and the research works by scientists to the market; to promote the research works of young scientists and the emergence promotions of business by research work to tackle the problems.

Such projects are implemented by research team which includes own association members in order that it is important for additional payment besides from state budget and improving their social guarantee.

We attend financial support for promoting research works by young scientists to the market, solving their social problems such as ensuring work place and apartments to live.

Mongolian Young Scientists Association cooperates not only with inland institutions but also with foreign countries. We are the member of World Young Scientists Association; also we are partners with Buriatische Young Scientists Council of Russian Federation and with Young Scientists Groups and Organisations of Taiwan, Korea, Germany and China and we have already made partnership conferences, workshops and expeditions.

We participate by our own Initiative in competitive work for young researchers and post-doctoral grants such as

  • “The best young researcher of the year” named grants after Mongolian President,
  • grants named after Minister of Science, Education and Culture, with the aims of supporting young scientists who has contributed their role for the development of science in own country and in the world, and implicating young generation into research and scientific activities.

We organise yearly "International Scientific Conference of Khureltogoot" in 6 branches of science and publishes abstracts of the chosen research works which these research works are won grants which named of Minister of Science, Education and Culture in order to develop and widening their research works. We also organise the fair „International open day” and monthly regularly meetings and seminars such as “From Youth to Youth”, “Intelligent Youth” “Meeting without ties” for young scientists and researchers in order to perform their research works to mass, within that to perform how to solve patent rights. We are aiming to be a leadership in a social relation, and a leitmotif for development based upon science, organising many activities for society.

We cooperate with Mongolian public television and TV channels to produce broadcasts in order to introduce and express ecological urgent problems to the mass and we publish regularly science and theoretic bulletin. We organise regularly exploring expedition and hiking among young scientists and researchers   in order to promote science to country people and to widen their historical and archaeological research works.


In 2014-2018 we emphasize the direction of research and development and become the organization of brainpower (think-thank) implementing best project and program directed to society, economy and young scientists and researchers.



  • Develop innovation project as a feature of the organization
  • Improve collaboration and activity of members, increase number of active members developing a program for new recruits
  • Promote cooperation and support for development and to expand the research of members.
  • Increase value of research development sector, implement social projects focused on positive thinking
  • Develop external cooperation of organization, create soft infrastructure to conduct research work

“THE BEST RESEARCH AWARDS: MASTER & DOCTOR STUDENT” aims within the agenda for promotion of young scientists and researchers following:

  • To train and educate skilled young scientists and researchers, who work in the field of science and technology.
  • To create and keep the continuity of scientists and researchers and to develop knowledge, skills and attitude of young scientists and researchers.
  • To improve our cooperation with foreign young scientists associations and other organisations and institutions in order to implement partnership projects and agendas.
  • Invitation of foreign qualified famous scientists and researchers in order to traineeship.
  • Supporting young scientists and researchers financial to attend widely inland and abroad conferences, meetings and high technology fairs.
  • Improving language skills of young scientists and researchers and widening foreign relation and cooperation for their research works.

To promote entirely and to train young scientists and researchers is not only major important to their absolutely competence at the international stage but also valuable contribution to development based upon knowledge

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