THE Best Paper Awards :
Master & Ph.D Student
Research Conference 2017
Ph.D Symposium

The conference aims to improve the research of students and broaden their perspectives by giving them the opportunity to share and develop their research ideas in a critical but supportive environment, get feedback from mentors who are the members of the committee, exchange ideas and build relationships with other colleagues from different universities, research institutes and innovators. 

The goal of "The best paper awards" is to provide a forum for Doctorate degree students to present ongoing research in a collaborative environment and share ideas with other researchers in the field of research and innovation.

Doctorate degree students carrying out research are invited to submit a paper to the conference, to be reviewed by the program committee members. And all accepted papers will be published in the main conference proceedings that will be invited to the KhurelTogoot - 2016 Conference.  The criteria used for accepting a paper include a solution to the modern state of the art of the field,high quality of the research work, contribution of the work to the field of the corresponding research field and innovation.

All the Best-Paper-Award Committee Members are the judges for selecting the winner of the Best Paper Award, and they will attend each presentation and evaluate each finalist's performance according to the predetermined Evaluation Criteria.

There will be 7 science sections.

  1. Medicine
  2. Geology and geography
  3. Biology
  4. Agronomy
  5. Engineering and technology
  6. Social
  7. Business and economy

We will accept 1-5 papers and send to reviewers in each science section. After that, we will rank and select 1-2 papers according to total score of reviewers in each science section, and invite the selected paper's authors to present their findings.

All accepted and presented paper will be published in the conference proceedings.

The selected sponsors will award to the first two papers with respect to the decision of Best-Paper-Award Committee 

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